PENDLE MP Andrew Stephenson has pledged his support to remember the genocide of more than 8,000 Bosnian Muslims.

To mark Srebrenica Memorial Day, Mr Stephenson honoured those who were murdered during the genocide on July 11, 1995.

The Pendle MP signed the Remembering Srebrenica Book of Pledges, promising to play his part in ensuring that the lessons from the genocide are learned and community cohesion is strengthened in Pendle and Lancashire.

July 11 marked the 21st anniversary of what has been described as the worst atrocity on European soil since World War Two when 8,372 Bosnian Muslim men and boys were murdered because of their faith.

The charity Remembering Srebrenica, which organises memorial events across the UK, says this year it is time to act to counter the rising threat of Hate Crime in the UK.

Mr Stephenson said: “In June 2009 before being elected as an MP, I visited Srebrenica and spent a week helping with various projects including helping complete a home for a returning family and constructing a football pitch. Meeting the survivors and working alongside them on these projects left a lasting impression on me.”

“Srebrenica Memorial Day reminds us all that a shocking genocide took place only 21 years ago and this should never be forgotten. I strongly encourage everyone to remember the victims and survivors of Srebrenica, but also to work together to make our own community a place of safety that welcomes and cherishes diversity.”

Srebrenica Memorial Week took place last week (from July 10 to July 17) with hundreds of local commemorative events taking place across the country arranged by schools, faith groups and community organisations, as well as UK and national events taking place in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast remembering the victims of the genocide.