A 41-year-old man with serious mental health problems believed to have been triggered by an incident at a music festival in 2015, was discovered dead at a beauty spot, the Craven coroner was told.

Peter Bousfield (correct) was found at the foot of a 50 foot high ravine in Sutton Clough on May 26 this year by his father Robert and friend Neil Hardacre. A later post mortem revealed he had drowned.

Mr Bousfield, of Hazelgrove Road, Sutton, had been suffering from severe mental health issues, including threats to take his own life, since January and had spent some time in Airedale General Hospital receiving treatment.

On May 26, the day of his death, his family had been worried about his mental and agitated state and when he had left their home by climbing through a window - the doors had been locked for his safety - police had launched a search.

Coroner, Rob Turnbull, said Mr Bousfield's family had undergone a terrible ordeal in having to face such a tragic loss in such circumstances.

In recording an "open conclusion" he said he could not be satisfied that Mr Bousfield intended to take his own life or had died as a result of a tragic accident. "We can't say whether he fell or jumped," he said.