COSTS of almost £10,000 were awarded to Craven District Council following its long fight with an energy company wanting to build wind turbines near Gargrave.

EnergieKontor UK finally admitted defeat in February when its appeal against the council's decision to refuse planning permission to build three 328ft (100m) high turbines at Brightenber Hill, near East Marton, was rejected by the secretary of state in charge of planning.

It followed an eight year battle by Craven councillors and pressure group, Friends of Craven Landscape to stop turbines being built at the site.

A spokesman for Craven District Council said: “After making a claim we received a payment of £9,427 from the Planning Inspectorate for the reimbursement of costs that were directly incurred from the re-determined planning appeal. The Planning Inspectorate agreed to pay these costs as they acknowledged that they made an error with the initial appeal decision.”