WHEN scouts step onto the stage at Glusburn Institute tomorrow and on Saturday, it will be a unique milestone in the history of the scout movement.

It will be 1st Kildwick & Farnhill's 75th Gang Show, an achievement unmatched anywhere else in the country.

The troop was formed in 1940 and has held a gang show every year since 1941 with the exception of 2002.

It soldiered on with its sketches, comedy and group singing throughout the Second World War and it has seen over 3,000 beavers, cubs, scouts, explorers and leaders taking to the stage over the years at a number of local venues.

To mark this year’s special show all members will be wearing a commemorative neckerchief and woggle incorporating the logo.

For people like Neil Tillotson and Barrie Pearce, the show will be even more special for both have been involved since the group's early days.

The show will also have a special significance since it will be the first without Winnie Smith. She died in May last year.

Show producer, Richard Tillotson, said: "Winnie had been involved with the show from 1943 when tickets for the event cost one shilling for adults and sixpence for children and she produced it from 1944 until 1988.

"Winnie is mentioned in the group log book for November 8, 1944. It refers to the Gang Show being held in Farnhill and it was suggested that Winnie should be the producer.

"The log book for October 6, 1943, says the show was held in Glusburn as well as Farnhill and it was agreed it would be better if Winnie came to the next Court of Honour Meeting to discuss programme and songs and on December 1, 1943 it was decided that admission should be one shilling for adults and six pence for children."

Richard took over production in 1989 and has continued to this day with the support of many scout leaders and helpers over the years.

He said: "The group has kept the traditional values of a gang show by performing with its own members. It makes it something special for everyone including the back stage crew, lighting and sound, costume and make up teams."

His father Neil has performed in 58 of the 75 shows, entertaining the crowds in numerous sketches with a variety of singing partners.

The piano has been played by 80 year-old Barrie for the last two years having also played for the show in the 1980s. He first stepped on stage in 1944 as a cub scout and then as a scout performing for eight years.

David Smith played the piano from 1989 to 2014 and Hulme Towers performed on the drums over many years until 15-year-old Thomas Murgatroyd took over in the early nineties. Stuart Thorn has played the drums for the last couple of years.

The group's record breaking run was confirmed in 2013 but by then it had already received a Special Recognition Certificate from the County Commissioner in acknowledgement of its production and direction of scout shows for 70 years.

At its show last year the troop was presented with the ‘County Commissioner’s Commendation Award’ in "recognition of their outstanding commitment, creativity and inspirational support to scouting by hosting 74 memorable and successful Gang Shows in 75 years and being the longest running gang show in the United Kingdom."

The show is held as a focus to the end of the year and as a celebration of their achievements, said treasurer Kaz Driver.

To mark the group's early years the beavers, cubs, scouts and explorers will perform songs from throughout the decades and “Open all Hours & "Allo, Allo" sketches. Cubs will sing "Our Scouting Year" and beavers will perform a take on “The Jungle Book". The show will conclude with the traditional “Crest of a Wave” .

This year’s event is being attended by the UK Youth Commissioner Hannah Kentish and has received a letter of good wishes and support with a signed neckerchief and badge from the Chief Scout, Bear Grylls.

It takes place on Friday November 18 and Saturday November 19 in Glusburn Institute. Tickets are adults £7.00 and children £4.50. Family and group tickets are available by contacting Neil Tillotson on 01535 653511.

Doors open 6.45pm and the show starts 7.15pm.