JUST loved the clever ‘Dry January’ sign, courtesy of V.SQ, in Victoria Square, off Skipton High Street. The bar, which opened just after Christmas, last year, specialises in gin, high end spirits, and champagne - and a clever line in sign writing.

THIS stone cat garden ornament was looking especially frosty during a recent cold snap. Oddly, it looks more real with a touch of frost on it, than without.

JUST days into the New Year, and Marks and Spencer in Skipton already had Easter stuff on its shelves - right next to the Christmas stuff being sold off at cut price. I know Easter moves about every year, but this year it’s actually quite late - in mid April, certainly plenty of time to stock up on Easter eggs.

YOU may well have seen the ‘Rotters’ at various agricultural shows and events across Craven and North Yorkshire, they may even have turned up at a school. The volunteers aim to spread the word about the benefits of composting - and reduce the amount of rubbish going into landfill. Now, North Yorkshire County Council, which manages the rotters, is appealing for more to join up. The Rotters, who come from across North Yorkshire, receive training to provide information and advice on the three Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle – and particularly on subjects like home composting by making use of waste from the garden, food and other sources. They attend events around the county, including high-profile gatherings like the Great Yorkshire Show and Harrogate Flower Show, present workshops at schools and give talks. Information sessions, for anyone interested, are due to take place at the Forum, Northallerton, on Saturday, January 28, from 9.30am to 12.30pm. Anyone who is interested in finding out more about joining the Rotters but cannot attend the event in Northallerton on January, 28 can contact the volunteer coordinator on 01609 797212 or email nyrotters@northyorks.gov.uk.

COUNCILLOR Chris Harbron, who represents one of the Skipton wards, could be forgiven for feeling a little hard done by with his raffle prize at the chairman of Craven District Council’s annual civic event. First of all, it was a calender from a Chinese restaurant, which was accompanied with a discount, but the restaurant was in Hull. “I thought, oh well, at least I’ve got a nice calender to put on my wall, but then I noticed the date, it was for 2012,” he said. Funny how long some people keep hold of things.

HAT’S off to all the beginner runners who have just graduated from Andy Mouncey’s Craven Couch 2 5k, pictured right. Over 12 weeks those who have ‘never run before’ or who have ‘kittens’ at the prospect of running, have been running around Aireville Park in Skipton every Tuesday evening. And their goal? to complete the Saturday morning 5k Parkrun. It was the second of the 12 week programmes run by Andy, with support from Yorkshire Cancer Centre and North Yorkshire Sport, and as with the first one, an impressive half of all those who started completed the 5k - which is no mean feat. Impressively, the latest lot achieved their goal during some pretty miserable weather, fog, and dark evenings. The next programme ought to be a breeze in comparison. “It’s been my privilege to have a ringside seat to some quite remarkable personal transformations,” says Andy. To find out more, visit the Craven 2 5k Facebook page. GYMS up and down the country will be full to bursting point at least until the end of the month as people launch into the New Year bursting with enthusiasm to get fit, lose weight and generally feel better about themselves. Meanwhile, over in Settle, a series of Buddhist meditation classes have kicked off at the Friends Meeting House in Kirkgate. Instead of sweating yourself away to inner peace on a treadmill, why not try meditation? Meditation can help you to relax, let go of daily concerns and develop a ‘fresh and positive outlook on life. The seven week course, New Year, New Direction, started this week and are aimed both at beginners and those with some experience in meditation. They are held on Mondays, from 7.30pm to 9pm and cost £6 per session.

JUST loved the clever ‘Dry January’ sign, above, courtesy of V.SQ, in Victoria Square, off Skipton High Street. The bar, which opened just after Christmas, last year, specialises in gin, high end spirits, and champagne - and a clever line in sign writing.

A WARM invitation has been put out to people in Skipton to join the Memory Cafe, held on the last Thursday of every month at the Fisher Medical Centre. Run by the centre’s health champions, the happy, friendly group enjoys painting, games and watching old films. The next meeting, on January 28, will take place from 2pm to 3.30pm and will take place, as usual, on the second floor of the centre - there is a lift for people not able to cope with the stairs. Refreshments will be available, and there is no need to book. For more details, telephone Emma on 07591 067930.