Temperance Spirit Company was formed in 2015 by three businessman Brendan Duckworth, Ian Jowett and Ian Ackroyd. The trio have since been joined by fellow director Gillian Venning who has extensive experience in public relationsto take marketing of the product to another level.

Ian Ackroyd who runs Napiers restaurant in Skipton, had the initial idea when he realised there was a need for an adult soft drink that would be universally accepted and mentioned the idea to his friends Ian Jowett and local entrepreneur Brendan Duckworth and before too long the idea became a fully-fledged business opportunity.

Former research chemist and doctor of chemistry Ian Jowett was tasked with developing the recipe using only all natural, high quality ingredients and he spent months refining the taste until he was happy with the result.

Eventually, he came up with the correct mix of botanicals to replicate the taste of gin to everyone’s satisfaction while keeping down the sugar content and the calorie count to just 52kcal per drink. Getting the fizz just right was also crucial.

The team carried out extensive market research, giving away many thousands of samples during blind tasting events at food and drink festivals and have been encouraged by the response - especially the word-of-mouth interest generated by satisfied customers.

Gill said: “More than 95 per cent of those who tried the drink said they liked it which is an incredible endorsement. Soft Drinks are now widely seen as part of a healthy lifestyle and this along with the surge in all things gin is driving new and loyal customers to G’n’T.

“In fact, we’ve found most of our customers go on to order again and again we now have customers in every part of the country with London being one of the most popular areas we serve on-line. We are also supplying a growing number of ‘Dry Bars’ in many major cities.

“G ‘n’ T is ideal for anyone who either doesn’t drink alcohol at all, wants to cut down for health or pregnancy, or is the designated driver. A complete well-rounded drink served chilled in a large gin glass with ice and lemon it looks and, most importantly, tastes like the real thing and it makes a great basis for mocktails.”

Gill says: “Developing the Brand is an interesting journey and we are learning as we go. Destination pubs and restaurants who understand the concept as well as their customers’ needs, love to offer G’n’T. They say this is because it is refreshing, not too sweet and perfect to drink with food, they also like to look after the designated driver. Wedding venues and caterers have added G’n’T to their reception drinks list as an alternative to sparkling wine. Gin Bars have it on their Gin menus, again as an alternative. The point is people still want to feel part of the social gathering and can feel a little left out when they are not drinking alcohol. G’n’T caters to this need.

“We are not saying, give up drinking, we are simply offering a sophisticated adult-styled alternative for those who like the taste of alcohol, but for a variety of reasons are unable to partake in an alcohol beverage at a specific time.”