The new term at Boyle and Petyt School got off to a roaring start with a visit from Mike Windle, a geonaut, who introduced the term's dinosaur topic.

Mike brought fossils and rocks from prehistoric eras for children to handle and examine. He also brought the mutilated remains of a triceratops which had come from the set of the BBC series Walking With Dinosaurs and was therefore very realistic. The pupils then had to use the evidence and their knowledge to deduce how the triceratops had been killed.

A school spokesman said: "It was a fantastic learning experience for all the children - even the nursery took part in some of the activities.

"Last October The Boyle and Petyt School was inspected by two HMIs who congratulated the school on the " amazing opportunities it provides for children to learn and grow".

"The dinosaur day was one such opportunity and will form the basis of the term's learning in reading, writing, science and maths and lead us to get the high standards in national curriculum assessments of which we are so proud."