A CROSS Hills company is showing consistent growth as part of a boom in the chemicals industry.

Airedale Chemical, based in Skipton Road, is currently benefiting from being the only producer in the UK of a popular disinfectant.

Demand for peracetic acid, known as PAA, is escalating across Europe and is fuelling the growth of Airedale Chemical.

Around 70,000 tonnes of PAA is currently being consumed in the European market, which is set to grow to a worth of £260 million in the next decade, with the global market set to grow by £798 million by 2027.

Airedale Chemical’s sales figures are reflecting this surge in demand, with the amount of PAA by the company increasing by 50 per cent in the last three years.

Chris Chadwick, managing director, said: “The peracetic acid market has been accelerating for the last decade and shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. We have long since identified this product as holding massive growth potential so we tirelessly pursued the European Chemicals Agency’s approval to continue manufacturing and have invested in storage and transportation facilities.

“It’s such a versatile product there’s little wonder it is boosting sales figures across Europe.

“As the GDP of EU countries continues to grow, so will the demand for industrial products such as PAA.”

One of the biggest consumers of peracetic acid in Europe is Germany, which Mr Chadwick said was a key country for Airedale Chemical’s growth strategy.

He said: “The Government’s recent ten-point plan to grow UK industry is a great start and we hope this focus on manufacturing along with our own growth strategy will boost the company even further and we will continue to enjoy rocketing sales figures for peracetic acid as well as our other products.”

The value of PAA used as a disinfectant is predicted to grow from £55 million to £78 million by next year. The chemical has been used since the 1950s as a cleanser and disinfectant in the food industry. It is also used for the disinfection of medical supplies and to disinfect the water in cooling towers.

PAA is also quickly developing as a product used as a steriliser and oxidant.

Airedale’s biggest market sector is the dairy and farming industry, where PAA is used to disinfect parlours and clean livestock holding areas and transport, which makes up almost a third of its customer base.