POLICE responding to a call from the concerned family of a 31-year old man found him dead in his Cross Hills home, an inquest in Skipton was told.

An report indicated that Daniel Clay, a civil engineer, had died from cocaine poisoning, assistant coroner for Yorkshire North West, Jonathan Heath, heard.

Sgt Mick Hill, who was police duty sergeant at Skipton on July 11 last year, told the inquest that he had made a forced entry into Mr Clay's Beech Street house and found him lying fully clothed on the floor.

Mr Clay, who was alone, was unresponsive and Sgt Hill called an ambulance, he told the court. He made a 'cursory search' of the room and found some anti-depressants, and a credit card with some white powder on it.

Members of Mr Clay's family had called the police as they had not been in contact with him for a day, Sgt Hill said.

A toxicology report indicated cocaine poisoning, Mr Heath said. There was no alcohol in his system.

A verdict of accidental death was recorded by Mr Heath.