A FORMER bar manager at Bentham Golf Club was found hanged in his flat, an inquest in Skipton was told.

Keith Knowles, 45, was found dead by police in his home at Miller's Court in High Bentham on November 10 last year. The alarm was raised by a cleaner who noticed a bad smell coming from the room, the court heard.

In a statement to the court, Det Sgt Alan Brown of Harrogate Police said that police had made a forced entry and found Mr Knowles slumped in a chair. No note had been found.

Members of Mr Knowles's family told assistant coroner for Yorkshire North-West Jonathan Heath that he had become increasingly depressed after leaving his golf club job about a year before and being unable to find another.

He had been prescribed medicine for depression some years previously but was not on any before his death, the inquest heard.

Recording a verdict of suicide, Mr Heath said that it appeared Mr Knowles had intended to to take his own life after failing to find a new job.