ST John’s Methodist Church, Settle, will be hosting the Knitted Bible Exhibition from tomorrow until Tuesday.

This will feature 33 Bible stories which have been brought to life in a display of knitted figures with appropriate scenery and backgrounds.

The display itself was created by the members of St George’s United Reformed Church in Hartlepool.

When they first began knitting in February 2008, they only intended to re-create the scene of The Last Supper, but their enthusiasm and imagination led to a much more ambitious project.

Since then the exhibition has toured the country and continues to grow steadily.

The latest story to be added is the parable of the lost sheep, for which 100 woolly sheep were specially created.

The stories begin with Creation, featuring a knitted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and cover tales from both the Old and New Testaments with a range of characters and creatures being created.

One of the most intricate was Noah's Ark, which involved knitting pairs of animals.

There are also scenes from Christ's ministry and some of the well known parables.

The exhibition itself is free and an observation quiz sheet has been devised for young visitors.

During the week there will also be a chance for local schoolchildren to visit the display and take part in a storytelling session.

Opening times at St John’s will be from 10 to noon and 1pm to 3pm tomorrow, 10am to 3pm on Saturday, 1pm to 3pm on Sunday, 10am to 3pm on Monday and 10am to noon on Tuesday.

Light refreshments will be available.