AN AIREDALE business networking group is celebrating a major milestone.

Income generated through referrals between members of the Airedale Aspire branch of Business Network International (BNI) has smashed through the £3 million mark.

The figure covers the seven years since the group was launched.

“Three million pounds is a fantastic amount and shows the value of the BNI organisation to the local business community,” said Airedale Aspire president Jon Crossley, who joined the organisation six years ago.

“We know that the more members we have, the more income we can generate for each other, so we are always looking for other professions to join us.

“The best way for people to determine if BNI is for them is to come along as a visitor and see the group in action.”

Branch breakfast meetings are held at Steeton Hall Hotel every Thursday, at 6.45am. There is a ten-minute talk from a member, a short training session and networking.

At the group’s next meeting, today, Richard Holmes – from Clayton Holmes Naisbit – will talk about how businesses and individuals can take advantage of changes to tax and pension laws.

For further information about the group and to attend a meeting, contact secretary/treasurer Andrew Wood on

BNI is a global success story.

In the UK and Ireland alone, it has more than 12,500 members.

Each year, over 676,000 referrals worth £497 million-plus are made within the organisation.

“BNI allows only one representative from each trade or profession to join any group,” said a spokesman.

“This means people can ‘lock out’ competition, ensuring they receive 100 per cent of all new business.

“Working together, BNI members achieve incredible results, growing their business in ways they could never accomplish alone.

“Our meetings generally take place at breakfast, finish before the business day starts and run to an effective agenda. The sole reason for attending our weekly meetings is to network to generate more business.”

Pictured above: Members and visitors at an Airedale Aspire branch meeting celebrate the milestone (photo: Suzanne Clayton)