BUSINESSES across Craven didn't need to be asked twice to take their dogs to work for the day.

Last Friday was the fourth annual national Bring Your Dog to Work Day with owners across the country posting pictures of their pooches on social media.

While closer to home, a vets, a marketing company and a golf club were all willing to play the game and explore the benefits of having a pet in the office.

Ronnie, an 18 month old fox red Labrador often goes to work with Isabel Marshall of Bentham Golf Club.

Isabel does have her time cut out trying to stop Ronnie from tearing up the fairway chasing rabbits, but she has found he makes a useful stand in document shredder.

Tessa, a five year old Labrador- Retriever cross, is almost a member of staff at the Yorkshire Dales Flower Company in Bradley.

Her owner, Susan Dobson, who also owns the cottage garden business, uses the angelic looking Tessa as a model for bridal pictures.

She has been known, however, to shred toys if not given enough attention.

Black cocker spaniel Betty was a welcome addition to the staff at Kingsway Vets in Skipton, when she turned up to work with her owner, Emma Clarke, a small animal assistant.

Betty often goes to work with Emma, who says she likes to sit in boxes and drawers and can help put nervous canine patients at ease with her relaxed nature.

Meanwhile, collie-cross Snow, went to work with her owner, Jane Ellison-Bates, who owns Manifest Marketing in Appletreewick. "Snow is a regular fixture in the office, though she has to compete for position in an ongoing power battle with two cats," she said. "Snow sees her role as integral to the security of the company, barking ferociously whenever clients, suppliers or even the poor postman sets foot in the vicinity."

Not just a bit of fun, Bring Your Dog to Work Day raises money for charities dedicated to the welfare of dogs.

This year's event raised money for All Dogs Matter, a rehoming charity, and Animals Asia, which aims to improve the lives of dogs, cats and bears in China and Vietnam.