I CAME across this route up Ingleborough by accident, writes Lesley Tate. I had planned a gentle walk to Ingleton falls, but turned back after seeing the queue of traffic waiting to get into the car park. In the end, I was very pleased, I'd 'done' Ingleborough before, from the more popular route from Clapham, and joined the crowds to the summit via the lengthy, two stages. This way is much quicker and more scenic in my opinion. There is a steady climb with fantastic views - all the way to the Lake District on a clear day if you're lucky, and it finishes with a fairly steep scramble to the summit. Crucially, there is nothing like the large numbers of people on the three peaks route out to 'bag' Ingleborough, along with Whernside and Penyghent. On the day I walked this, on a Yorkshire summer's day - so decidedly 'mixed' -it was clear enough, but the summit was in cloud, and when I reached the top, people emerged out of the mist like ghosts. It was very easy to get lost, so beware, and do take some extra clothing, it can get very cold, and wet! Good walking boots are a must too, if not for the first part of the climb, definitely for the last scramble where the stone can get wet and slippery. No one wants their excursion to the summit of the second highest of the Yorkshire three peaks ruined by a call out to mountain rescue after all.

Step by step:

1. From Hawes Road out of Ingleton, take the signed bridlepath heading off to the right between where the houses end and the moorland starts. After a fairly sharp climb, you leave the moorland and join Fell Lane, a wall lined track climbing steadily uphill.

2. Through a gate into the national park, and follow the obvious path all the way up to the summit.

3. Once at the summit, if the visibility is not good. Make sure you don't lose sight of the way down - which is very easy to do. Retrace your steps back down the way you came, taking extra care on the path, which can get slippery, if wet, or when icy.

4. Just close to Hawes Road on the right hand side in Storrs Common, take a detour to Storrs Cave. Its very accessible and well worth a look.


Location: Yorkshire Dales National Park

Distance: About five miles, allow two to three hours.

Difficulty level: Moderate to tough. Remember Ingleborough (723m/2,372ft) is a mountain and should be treated with respect. What can be a sunny day at the bottom can turn into heavy mist or snow at the summit. Proper walking boots and extra clothing is a good idea and remember, it can be more difficult on the way down than on the way up.

Livestock: Sheep and cattle.

Dogs: Although there is nothing to stop you taking your dog to the summit, you may want to think twice about it. There is a scramble at the top which will prove difficult for some.

Parking. Parking on Ingleton to Hawes Road (B6255) or nearby in Ingleton.

Refreshments: Plenty in Ingleton

OS Map: OL2