BARNOLDSWICK'S Anthony Ayrton finished second in the Inters class at West Leeds Motor Club's seventh championship trial at Post Hill.

The final event in the club's closed series saw chairman Nigel Crowther win overall by just one dab in front of treasurer Ben Ludgate.

Paul Kettlewell should have been in the frame but stops in sections four and six stacked the Sherco rider with 15 unwanted penalties.

Anthony's daughter Lucy Ayrton rode her Beta in the green course class where Mike Frizzell got round on a dab to head Mick Driffield and Lucy.


Championship course.

Inters: 1 Nigel Crowther (Vertigo) 30, 2 Anthony Ayrton (Beta) 76.

Novices: 1 Ben Ludgate (Beta) 31, 2 Paul Kettlewell (Sherco) 43, 3 Oliver Ingham (Sherco) 78.

Clubman A

Novices: 1 Howard Gulley (TRS) 3, 2 Jeff Prior (Vertigo) 16, 3 Chris Tucker (Beta) 435.

Over-40s: 1 Steven Fowler (Gas Gas) 2, 2 Dave Lamin (Montesa) 7, 3 Jim Welford (Beta) 16.

Clubman B

Novices: Chris Maggs (Gas Gas) 43.

Over-50s: 1 Mick Ward (Beta) 31, 2 Mick Kettlewell (Beta) 35, 3 Paul Ingleby (Montesa) 68.

Youth Class C: Josh Pearson (Beta) 105.

Green course

Over-60s: 1 Mike Frizzell (Beta) 1, 2 Mick Driffield (Beta) 6.

Twin Shock: Paul Hobson (Fantic) 12.

Youth Class B: Lucy Ayrton (Beta) 8.

Youth Class C: Arran Sherwin (Beta) 34.