A SPECIAL celebration has been served-up at Kildwick CE Primary School.

Staff and pupils took part in the annual Food for Life Roast Dinner Day.

The initiative, now in its eighth year, recognises the work of school cooks.

It is held to coincide with National School Meals Week.

Volunteers at Kildwick Primary, together with the parish's newly-appointed priest-in-charge the Rev Julie Bacon, were invited to join the rest of the school for a roast dinner.

Headteacher, Tim Whitehead, said: "The day is about highlighting the importance of sharing, celebrating and educating people about school food.

"It also recognises the dedicated, hard-working and talented school cooks who serve our children with nutritious, freshly-prepared and locally-sourced dinners."

The Rev Bacon said she was delighted to have the opportunity to meet the staff and pupils, and added: "There is no better way than sitting around a table and sharing a wonderful home-cooked dinner."

Jeanette Orrey, who helped establish Food for Life and founded Roast Dinner Day, said increasing numbers of schools were getting involved.

"It is a great opportunity for schools and caterers to showcase the amazing work they do every single day to feed and educate our children," she added.

"We're delighted to be part of National School Meals Week and shine a spotlight on school food."