PROPOSED Bradford Council budget cuts could disproportionately affect community libraries in outlying areas, warns a councillor.

Councillor Adrian Naylor fears the council may trim the subsidies it gives to volunteer-run libraries in villages like Silsden, Denholme and Addingham.

Although it has handed staffing and management of such small libraries to community groups, the council still provides books, cash for running costs, and computer services.

Cllr Naylor rang the alarm bell after learning that the council intends to cut £950,000 from its district-wide library budget, and council leader Susan Hinchcliffe pledged that Keighley Library – which still has paid staff – was safe from closure.

Councillor Naylor said: “It’s very early in the process and we haven’t seen much detail, but I suspect the cuts will fall disproportionately

“Will the cuts affect the promises given to community libraries with regard to the help they receive – rent, keeping the network running, computer equipment, refreshing the book stock?

“Will the council keep facilities in the city centre running at the expense of those services in outlying areas?”