A RETIRED Ingleton pastor has written a new book as a tribute to his disabled son who died last year.

The Rev John Mollitt wrote A Life Worthwhile: The Story of Aaron, which is being released in January by publishers Onwards and Upwards.

The book chronicles the life of John and Pat Mollitt's adopted son Aaron, who died in May 2016 at the age of 28.

Aaron, who had multiple disabilities, came to the Mollitt family in November 1987 when he was just ten weeks old.

"He was battered by his heroin addict father," said John, as he and Pat became the boy's foster parents.

"It was difficult, and there were many joys and heartaches over the years," said John. "But Aaron became a part of our family, so we adopted him in 2004.

Although he suffered from cerebral palsy, scoliosis, blindness, incontinence and was unable to feed or care for himself, John said Aaron had an "important impact on people".

"He brought the best out in people," said John. "He taught people so much even though he never spoke.

"He always had a smile on his face and even though he was blind he felt secure when he heard our voices.

"The amount of kindnesses were received from people because of Aaron was amazing."

In writing the book about Aaron, John said: "I found it very therapeutic, but the main reason I wrote it is because I'm trying to prove that everyone has a dignity and can make a contribution to society."

Aaron went to school for 14 years at Bleasdale House Special School in Silverdale near Carnforth.

However, once Aaron finished school, John, who is now 70, retired after serving 30 years as pastor of Ingleton Evangelical Church to help Pat care for Aaron.

"Pat was amazing," said John. "She was the primary carer and took care of many of Aaron's nursing and medical needs.

"The amount of medical knowledge you can accumulate over the years is amazing," he added: "I think we understood Aaron a lot better than the doctors because it was so rare for many of them to come across a child like him.

"Aaron was so well known in the Skipton, Settle and Ingleton areas, and many people who have read the book they have told us how helpful it was and how they were moved to tears."

A Life Worthwhile: The Story of Aaron is available in Waterstones and many Christian book shops, but anyone who would like a copy can contact John on 015242 41181 or email him at john.mollitt@btinternet.com