A FORMER pupil of Ermysted’s Grammar School in Skipton is to set off for the sun-kissed shores of the Caribbean.

But medical student Cormac Goode is not expecting to have much - or any - time to spend on the dappled beaches of Barbados.

Instead the 21-year-old, of Eastby, is hoping to hone new skills with hands-on experience of working at the Bay View hospital in the Barbados capital of Bridgetown.

The fourth-year student at Newcastle University will spend eight weeks on a ‘busman’s holiday’ at the hospital to gain an insight into different medical techniques, as well as the day-to-day running of a busy organisation.

Though Cormac is going to Barbados as part of his degree course, it is part of an ‘elective period’, which has to be organised and paid for himself.

And, he said, he is looking for any help with finances that he can find.

Cormac explained: “I feel very fortunate and privileged to have been given this opportunity. Whilst this elective period is part of the degree, it is to be completely arranged and paid for by the student, who is responsible for confirming a place, flights and accommodation for the duration of the placement.

“I can experience medicine from a new perspective by practising in a less economically developed country.

“This will expose me to the study of disease not found in Western Europe and hone my skills by working with patients and doctors in a completely new environment.

“My medical studies are on a full-time basis, with clinical attachments, university lectures and revision for exams, which ultimately means part-time employment is not feasible.”

Eastby-born and bred, Cormac is a keen sportsman, and played football for Grassington and cricket for Embsay. He has also worked behind the bar in Embsay’s Elm Tree pub. He has been busy contacting various local organisations for help and has costed the entire eight weeks at around £4,000.

Cormac added: “In return I can offer regular articles for a company magazine, or giving a presentation of my experiences, for example.

“Absolutely any help would be gratefully appreciated.” Donations can be made at: www.gofundme.com/my-medical-elective. Cormac can be contacted on 07960 101727.