SETTLE College is celebrating the success of its GCSE students with higher than average performance.

In a year which saw a new grading system being introduced - replacing the old A* to G grades with new 9 to 1 grades - the school has been recognised as the best performing of its type within a 75 mile radius.

In the recently released school performance tables, students at the college exceeded national figures for all major reporting measures.

The 'progress 8' score - which concentrates on students' best GCSE results - put Settle students performing at half a grade better, per subject, than those with an equivalent secondary school starting position.

The 'Progress 8' measure is the major focus in the performance tables, which also report progress for different groups of students.

And, Settle prides itself on the consistency of the progress made by all its groups.

Disadvantaged learners at Settle are placed fifth out of 285 secondary schools in Cumbria, Lancashire and North Yorkshire.

Assistant Headteacher, Suzanne Doyle said: "As a true comprehensive school, we pride ourselves on the fact that every student has the opportunity to come to Settle College and fulfil their potential. This is regardless of prior attainment or barriers to learning. We were delighted that our last cohort of students managed to navigate turbulent changes to the GCSE system, with determination and good humour. Our aim is to give all students equal opportunities to succeed."