THE ROTTERS invaded Kildwick Primary School to teach children a new musical version of the ‘3 Rs’.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle was the message from the North Yorkshire Rotters as they taught the importance of environmental issues in a factual yet fun, practical and interactive way.

School head Tim Whitehead said: “Awareness was raised of our individual responsibilities to reduce both food and consumable waste, increase our recycling and upcycling, appreciate the advantages of composting.

“We learned how this all contributes to a healthier environment and the devastating consequences that landfill has on the environment.

“The children made a mini wormery to take home and we discussed how Kildwick School could become more active in recycling.”

The Rotters said the Kildwick youngsters were very enthusiastic and keen to promote the ‘3R’ message both at home and in school.

Anyone interested in volunteering with the North Yorkshire Rotters or would like the project to visit their school, group meeting, should call coordinator Jeff Coates on 01609 797212.