SILSDEN’s gala queen, king and rosebud were chosen during a special pre-Mother’s Day event in the town.

The parents of last year’s queen and rosebud chose the winners during the well-attended event on Saturday (March 10) at the Hive community centre in Elliott Street.

This year’s queen is 10-year-old Alicea Mae Gould, with five-year-old Max Bradley the king and Macy Clarke, four, the rosebud.

The trio will lead the Silsden Gala procession on July 29 and will also take part in the parades at Skipton Gala and Oakworth Gala.

The choosing of the royals coincided with a Prepare for Mothers Day event where children were able to make Mother’s Day cards, jewellery, and iced buns. Mothers were treated to free tea coffee and cakes.

Steve Thorpe and Sons Gardening Ltd helped the children make small wooden planters, paint them, and fill them with soil and a plant, to give to their mothers.

Buns, jewellery pieces and card etc were provided by the Hive, Silsden Gala Committee and Annmade.