THIS is a really smashing walk with some fantastic views of Penyghent, writes Lesley Tate. A short detour will also take you to Catrigg Force, which when I went, after the recent snows, was quite spectacular. It was boggy in parts when I did it, so sturdy footwear is a must, and there are quite a few ladder stiles, which can be tricky if you’ve a heavy and not too nimble dog. The walk starts from lovely Stainforth, which has a spacious, paid for, car park, and a lovely church, which is well worth a visit.

1 From the village, take the footpath, almost opposite the Craven Heifer pub, and marked to Main Street, alongside the beck. Turn left at end of path, passing village green on left and go right, onto Pennine Bridle Way. There is now a fairly steep uphill climb along the wall lined track. At the top of the track, you will see gate on left leading off towards Catrigg Force (you will return here later).

2 Ignore gate to Catrigg Force, go through gate and follow to left of wall for a short distance before following footpath off to right, over wall and marked to Henside Road. Bearing to left, and climbing uphill, cross over field to ladder stile. Cross over field, bearing to left and head for wooden footbridge over beck. Continue along the track, which goes over a small hill before passing though walkers gate in a wall. Bear to the right of a small copse of trees, and over another ladder stile, next to field entrance. Join track for a short while, heading for road, and before joining road, go through gate on left.

3 Cross over field to ladder stile, over stile and bear right to another ladder stile. Head off at about 11am , and cross wall stile. Head now towards distant farm buildings, crossing another wall gate. You will emerge onto Henside Road with Westside House in front of you.

4 Turn left along Henside Road, and continue along for about a quarter of a mile, crossing over a cattle grid.

5 Take the footpath off Henside Road to left, marked Stainforth, crossing over Great Catrigg Pasture. The path here starts off fairly well defined, but tends to peter out. You want to bear left to a ladder stile. Head downhill, to wards two ladder stiles, take the one on the left. Keep to the right of the wall and after a short way, go over the gated wall stile on left and head for the wooden footbridge.

6 After footbridge, head as best you can to gap in the wall and then, keeping to the right of the wall, turn right and head back towards the gate (at 2) and the entrance to Catrigg Force. From here (after visiting the force, if you still have the energy) rejoin the track and retrace you steps back down towards Stainforth.

Fact File:

Distance: About seven miles, (11km0, 16,000 steps.

Difficulty level: Easy to moderate, bit of a climb at the start.

Terrain: Tracks, moorland, quiet roads - can be very boggy.

Stiles/gates: quite numerous, and some tricky ones.

Livestock: Plenty of sheep throughout the year, and probably cattle in spring and summer - dogs must be kept under close control at all times.

Refreshments - Craven Heifer in Stainforth, none along the route.

Parking - Stainforth Car Park, where there are also toilets.

Map: OL2