PUPILS from The Skipton Academy attended the Women’s FA Cup Final to watch Arsenal v Chelsea at Wembley Stadium.

In a packed crowd of around 45,000 people, many students from all over the country enjoyed the match.

Academy Principal Mr McManus said: “It was wonderful to have so many students enjoying such a fantastic trip.”

Throughout the day, most students bought refreshments, souvenirs and snacks for the long coach journey as well as experiencing an exciting football match and taking in the atmosphere of Wembley on a lovely, sunny day.

One of the main things that pupils were left with was inspiration to include a sporting ethos in all their lessons such as hard work and teamwork.

Mr McManus said: “The Women’s FA Cup Final at Wembley is a wonderful experience.

"If we continue to develop our outstanding girls’ teams, maybe one day some of our students can play at Wembley.”

All of the students as a whole enjoyed the day.

- Joanne Hooper, School Reporter, The Skipton Academy