A FARMING family enterprise at Rathmell is to host thousands of people at one of the National Sheep Association’s major events of 2019.

Frankland Farms, at New Hall, run by brothers Richard and Chris Frankland, will be the venue for the ‘NSA North Sheep’ showcase for all sectors of the sheep industry, and which takes place every two years.

The family farms 900 acres across three holdings. with a flock of 1,200 sheep, 120 head of suckler cattle, plus 350 replacement and store cattle. They also milk 220 head of dairy cattle.

The event, on June 5 next year, will feature hundreds of display and exhibit stands and will highlight the latest industry trends, equipment and technology and the many seminars will provide a platform for knowledge transfer, open discussion and debate.

Members of the National Sheep Association for many years, Richard and Chris have themselves been attending ‘NSA North Sheep’ events for as long as they can remember.

Richard said: “We are absolutely delighted and privileged to be asked to host this very important sheep industry event and we are looking forward to welcoming people to the farm next year.

“Our aim is to show people how a livestock farming enterprise is managed in one of the UK’s highest rainfall areas, the challenges that we face and how we overcome them.”