BOMB disposal experts have been called in to deal with a device discovered near a canal.

A member of the public, who was metal detecting, has located what appears to be a 'old mortar' near a canal in Barnoldswick.

Police were called to the scene on Greenberfield Lane at around 6pm on Monday.

Barnoldswick resident David Law, 35, discovered the WW2 bomb while he was magnet fishing, which involves using a strong magnet to try and grab metal objects that are hidden or lost underwater

He said: “I usually find small things like batteries or bike parts - not a relic from World War II.

“I was a bit shocked when I saw it. I could tell what it was by looking at it.

“I phoned the police straight away.

“You don’t see things like this in Barnoldswick and there’s nothing in the town’s history about being bombed that I’m aware of.

“Officers said it was likely to have either fell of a barge or a plane while on its way to Manchester or Blackburn.”

A police spokesman said: "A member of the public has been metal detecting and located what we believe to be an old mortar.

"It is not a threat to the public or any nearby property."

Diane Williams, from Barnoldswick, who was out for a stroll with her dog, said: “A bomb? Wow. It’s a bit exciting for Barnoldswick.”