BBC political correspondent, Chris Mason, was amongst former Ermysted’s Grammar and Skipton Girls High School pupils who met up for a 20 year reunion.

The get together, organised by Chris, who now lives in London, and Naomi Hunter, who lives in Hexham, Northumberland, was made up of all those who sat their A Levels 20 years ago, and finished secondary school in 1998 before heading off to university, or into the world of work.

More than 20 attended the event, at The Black Horse, Skipton High Street, including David Buckroyd, who had been headmaster of Ermysted’s at the time.

“ It was a lovely night; the highlight of which was Mr Buckroyd turning up; the headteacher at Ermysted’s who retired when we left in 1998,” said Chris. “As the joint organiser with Naomi - although she did loads more work than me - I’ve also discovered how tricky reunion organising is: the moral dilemma...everyone asks ‘oooh I’ll come if loads of others are making it,’ and me thinking ‘mmm...not sure how many will turn up!’ but saying ‘please do come.”

Naomi added:”It was a great night out and it was lovely to see everyone. Long standing friendships were made when we were at school 20 years ago, and we have our parents and teachers to thank for all their help and support during our formative years.” The event also raised £170 which has been donated to both of the schools’ music departments.