THERE will be Beano mischief afoot form Saturday when Craven libraries and the Reading Agency invite all primary school children to sign up to read six books for the annual Summer Reading Challenge.

For the last few summer holidays, North Yorkshire libraries have been challenging four to 11 year olds to borrow six library books and read them over the long break from school.

And this year, the theme is Mischief Makers - in homage to children’s comic, The Beano, which is celebrating its 80th anniversary.

To take part in Mischief Makers, children just need to sign up at their nearest library as members when they will be given a colourful collector’s map of Beanotown to keep a record of their Summer Reading Challenge journey.

And, as they read their chosen books, they will receive stickers, including some with the kind of mysterious smells Dennis the Menace may well have been responsible for.

By adding the stickers to their map, readers will help Dennis, his dog, Gnasher and friends solve clues and discover the treasure, having fun and adventures along the way. Along the way, they will also receive a door hanger, a colour in comic pair of glasses, and a red and black striped wrist band, and for those who complete all six books, there will be a medal and a certificate.

And, new for this year, will be a mini Gnasher challenge, for pre-schoolers, also with stickers and certificates for younger readers.

Running alongside the challenge, will be a number of events and activities, including cartoon workshops, animation film making, Lego building, badge making, tee-shirt design, and collages.

County Councillor Greg White said: “Last year, more than 9,600 children took part in the Summer Reading Challenge in North Yorkshire libraries, which meant we were one of the highest performing authorities.

“I’m sure that this year’s Beano theme will mean we’ll recruit even more young readers. With the help of our dedicated library staff and volunteers we’re heading for a record breaking summer. If you are aged 13 to 24 and looking for fantastic experience of working with young people, we’re keen to hear from you. Contact your library for information about volunteering and we look forward to welcoming you to the library team.”

To find out how to take part visit your library or go online to: