VILLAGERS are being asked to join a new initiative aimed at saving Grassington’s ‘flagship’ Hub and Community Library.

Residents are being urged to pledge regular donations to the newly launched ‘Book Tower’ project which will help to secure the Hub’s future.

Hub chairman Barrie Doyle said: “We need 500 people to give a £5 monthly donation or £60 annually, hence ‘GH&L 500’. A ‘Book Tower’ in the Hub will monitor progress towards our goal of £25000 and identify our supporters.

“We consider ourselves to be the flagship community library in the county and we also offer a wide range of outreach, social and practical services. Our team of over 60 active volunteers enjoy a positive and satisfying experience assisting with these projects. But as a giving organisation Grassington Hub cannot be financially self sufficient and depends on grants and donations.

“This new fundraising initiative will enable our community to secure our future.”