SIR - Your Editorial ( August 30) highlighted the challenges currently being faced by people living with dementia and their families and carers and some of the initiatives being taken to meet these challenges

In Skipton and across the Craven District, including Cross Hills, Carleton, Settle and Bentham there are a number of groups working to raise awareness of dementia and to help to create 'Dementia Friendly Communities'.

The Skipton group includes representatives from some of our retailers, statutory bodies such as police, fire and the town and district councils. There are also individual members of the public including some living with dementia. One of the key aims of the group is to create a Dementia Friendly Community so that those diagnosed with dementia can continue to live well, feel safe and be part of their community.

The group is very keen to hear from anyone who is living with dementia or their family or carers to hear about their needs and ways in which we can help and support them.

Details about the group can be found on the Craven District Council website : and we would be pleased to hear from anyone interested.

Barry Rogers

Moorland Terrace