A YOUNG hero takes on a giant as one of the most popular pantomimes returns to Sutton.

The village’s Green Hut Theatre Company will present Jack and the Beanstalk next month at Sutton Village Hall.

The family show will follow the traditional story of Jack, layabout son of Dame Gertrude Trott, as he seeks a destiny that involves romance, adventure, a cow and a golden goose.

Trotty is the old lady of the village who takes in orphan children – a lot of them since the wicked witch arrived and started kidnapping their parents.

She’s taking the adults to a castle in the clouds so they can be eaten by the ravenous Giant, despite the best efforts of the Fairy.

Trotty has enough to worry about down on the ground – the grasping Squire Whitworth is after his rent and he’s preparing to throw the Dame and her orphans out onto the street.

Trotty’s lodger Simon and son Jack aren’t much help, until Jack falls in love with the Squire’s daughter Jane and Trotty sees a way out of their money troubles.

All this pales into insignificance when the Witch strikes, and Jack has to man-up and lead a dangerous rescue mission up the beanstalk to the Giant’s realm.

Jack and the Beanstalk is an updating of one of the first shows written just over a decade ago by the Green Hut’s resident panto writers Philip Smith and David Knights.

They say the script follows the time-honoured story closely, with lots of comedy, and a mix of traditional and modern songs to keep the show bubbling along.

David is playing the Squire while Philip is Dame Trott, and as usual Philip is joined by fellow Sutton comedian Dean Harness to play his dopey sidekick Simon.

Emma Jayne Waters and Roxanne Williams, another two regular performers with Green Hut, return to play the principal boy and girl Jack and Jayne.

Charlotte Harrison plays a wisecracking Witch while Tammy Wilson, a member of the Sutton’s Green Hut Youth Theatre, plays the Fairy.

Jack and the Beanstalk will be at Sutton Village Hall from December 5 to 8 at 7.15pm with a Saturday matinee at 2.15pm.

Call 01535 632289 to book tickets.