BLAKE Morrison literally became an extra in his own life when the Yorkshire premiere of his book, "And When Did You Last See Your Father?", was screened in Skipton.

The writer, who grew up in Thornton-in-Craven, was in the audience at the Plaza Cinema to watch the story of his life with his dad, former Earby GP Arthur Morrison, unfold.

And for a cameo moment he too appeared on screen - as an extra in the crowd.

Before the curtain went up, Blake told how sitting in the Plaza was a moving reminder of his youth.

"This is a very strange experience for me," he said.

"About 40 years ago on a Friday night I would be in this cinema on those double seats - love seats', as I remember.

"And here I am again watching myself on screen. This is one of the most surreal experiences I think I shall ever have."

Adapted from Blake's award-winning memoir, the film explores his relationship with his father, who died of cancer.

It stars Jim Broadbent as Arthur, Colin Firth as Blake, Juliet Stevenson, as Kim, and Gina McKee as Blake's wife Kathy.

Joining Blake at the premiere was Bradford actor Bradley Johnson, who plays him as a boy and up-and-coming star Matthew Beard, who takes on the role of Blake as a young man.

At the premiere, which was held as a fundraiser for Cancer Research, Blake added: "I know there are lots of friends of my parents here tonight.

"I hope they feel the film honours them and their lives."