SIR - Mr McLeod’s comments on putting more money into the NHS and the education programmes that support it are noble indeed (Craven Herald letters, November 29).

I also feel that the UK should prioritise investment in healthcare.

I believe our healthcare staff themselves deserve a more holistic, supportive approach from all users of their service, throughout their careers from Junior Doctor FY1 status to Consultant level, Student Nurse to Matron.

As a healthcare professional myself I am privileged to work for the NHS at ward level. I can observe pressures with busy staff multitasking, dealing with upset patients and family, endless phone calls and to top it all CQC Inspectors. Likely that all of this occurs long after the member of staff has officially finished their shift.

For these noble people that always go the extra mile we should value and nurture our dynamic NHS staff. NHS management must strive to keep people in post, benefitting training and education of junior staff through sharing knowledge and experience.

Increasingly medical and nursing careers are cut short by pressure of work, stress and simple lack of gratitude for a good days work. Illustrated by a recent book “This is going to hurt”, by Adam Kay. Worth a read for an insight into our NHS lives.

G Petrucci