POLICE are warning residents if they have illegal drugs in their homes they can expect a knock on the door any day.

The message with the hashtags: #KnockKnock #EatSleepRaidRepeat @Skipton_Police @NYPDogSection was tweeted today by the North Yorkshire Police Operations Support Unit 4 adding: "Second warrant executed in #Skipton today. If you are in North Yorkshire and have illegal drugs in your home, don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you and could be round any time soon."

The message followed a posting on Monday showing a number of police vehicles in a residential street and stating: "Drugs warrant executed by the team today in #Skipton for @Skipton_Police in company with @NYPDogSection. Drugs and paraphernalia seized and enquiries ongoing. #NotInOurCounty #KnockKnock."

No further details have yet been released.