A SKIPTON man has been given a conditional discharge for 12 months after admitting disorderly and threatening behaviour towards police.

Craig Boyd, 31, of Pinder House, Skipton, appeared before Skipton magistrates to face two charges dated August 4 this year at Pinder House and again at Harrogate Police Station following his arrest.

Prosecuting, Elizabeth Wright said at 7.45pm the police were called to Pinder House where Boyd was witnessed by officers shouting obscenities out of his window and within a short distance of elderly people nearby.

She said the abuse continued at the police station.

Defending, Mohammed Hussain said his client "was not a well man" and often had unpleasant conversations with imaginary people, usually female.

"Police have got used to this," said Mr Hussain,

Mr Hussain added that the situation was difficult for Boyd particularly where he was currently living.

"Pinder House have had enough of him and are going to service a notice for him to move out.

"I am going to write to ask them where they suggest he goes. They have a statutory obligation to find him alternative accommodation."

Magistrates were told Boyd still had unpaid fines and they made no order for costs.