A CASTING agency that runs drama classes in Cross Hills and Skipton is recruiting youngsters for the next series of Channel 4 drama Ackley Bridge.

Northern Talent Casting Agency is looking for suitable young people from the Keighley area for the series, which is set in a northern comprehensive school.

The agency has previously placed local children, including students of its Expressions drama classes, in many TV series.

Children from Keighley and Skipton from Expressions have found roles in previous seasons of Ackley Bridge.

The next season of Expressions classes in Cross Hills will be held at South Craven School, on Holme Lane, from February.

Northern Talent boss Rachael Delaney said: “We have been appointed to provide all student walk-ons and featured roles with speaking parts for series three of Ackley Bridge being filmed in Halifax in 2019.

“We are delighted to provide our Northern Talent artists for this production, again putting our northern talent onto the map.”

Northern Talent was set up by Rachael, a professional actress who has worked in the industry for more than 20 years on stage, television and commercials.

The agency provides professional actors, supporting artistes and models to all aspects of the performing industry including theatre, commercials, television and film.

Rachael leads the Expressions classes each week in Skipton, Cross Hills and Elswick for children aged seven to adult who want to break into TV, film and theatre.

She said: “We believe every young person is unique and should shine to their full potential. Our drama classes offer young people of every age and ability the opportunity to perform for audiences, trained by experienced professionals, learn new skills and build confidence.”

The young students take part in a Christmas showcase of work, as well as performing in local drama festivals and yearly drama exams.

Visit northerntalent.co.uk or call Rachael Delaney on 07841 651225 for further information.