SIR- Please will someone in authority, who cares, take notice of the recent letters (in the Craven Herald) many concerns and objections over the planned desecration of Hellifield Flashes.

This Boxing Day we were over the border and visited Martin Mere, a splendid example of benefits to both wildlife and humans alike. Surely such a development could be achieved on the Flashes, granted on a much smaller scale, but possibly to incorporate it with the success of the Long Preston Wetlands Project. This would benefit both visitors and locals.

I have seen deer enjoying the calm and space in this area and some weeks ago driving through Hellifield the sky was filled with geese, a truly awe inspiring and magical moment.

To destroy all this is beyond imagination and I urge that everything should be done to enhance this special space rather than again bow down to the gods of Mammon. Another unwanted and unnecessary development can only damage and remove the attraction that visitors to this area want to enjoy.

So if Lancashire can make such a success of their care for the countryside, surely Yorkshire can go one better and save Hellifield Flashes.

Rosemary Crabtree

Hesley Lane