A FAMOUS ducking stool which over the years has raised more than £80,000 for good causes is to create waves elsewhere.

The contraption, run by Worth Valley Young Farmers Club based near Keighley, has been a popular attraction at countless events across the district for over two decades.

But now the machine has headed to new pastures.

Ownership has been taken on by fellow Young Farmers, at Burton-in-Lonsdale, in North Yorkshire.

The ducking stool was 'born' 22 years ago when the Wood family, staunch supporters of the Worth Valley club, approached Newsholme agricultural engineer David Ogden to build it.

Julia Wood, who was the club leader for many years, said: "My husband David sketched out his idea and David Ogden – who is a bit of a genius – made it and carried out alterations until it was perfect.

"A lot of people over the years have tried to copy it, but there has never really been another quite like it!"

The ducking stool – which once featured on the TV programme, The Gadget Show – sees someone sit on a seat above a large tub of water, mounted on a trailer.

People then throw tennis balls at a target, and if the target takes a direct hit, a mechanism is triggered which plunges the person into the water.

Mrs Wood's son, Andrew, a former Young Farmers county chairman, says: "Mum has been organising the bookings ever since the stool was made.

"I’m sure she’s loved every minute but it’s been a big commitment, waiting for people to collect the stool and showing them how to work it.

"Often she and my dad have had to help hitch-up the trailer and give whoever’s come to collect it a bit of a driving lesson on how to tow with a trailer behind!

"It's time now for someone else to take it over and I'm delighted it has gone to another Young Farmers club.

"If they have even half as much fun as we’ve had with it over the years they’ll be very happy.

"It is amazing how far afield the stool has travelled. And to think that it must have raised over £15,000 in hire fees for Worth Valley YFC and a grand total of at least £80,000 for other good causes is quite fantastic really."

Worth Valley Young Farmers Club meets every Tuesday night at the Three Acres in Keighley.

The club is not currently actively recruiting junior members because the section is at capacity, but people over 14 are welcome to join.

For more details, visit worthvalley.org.