A RESIDENT of Skipton's 'half way house' for vulnerable people caused more than £2,000 damage to his flat, heard magistrates.

Simon Haughey, 36, who the court was told had significant mental health issues, damaged fixtures and fittings on three separate occasions including a microwave, oven, shower and a door at his flat in Pinder House, Keighley Road.

When interviewed by police, he made full admissions, explaining he had smoked cannabis since he was 12 years old and became angry without it, the court heard on Friday.

Haughey, of previous good character, admitted three counts of criminal damage on December 6, December 19 and on December 21, together totalling £2,154.

In mitigation, Mohammed Hussain said Haughey, who is still living at Pinder House, was at the top end of the spectrum for the type of vulnerable people offered supported housing at the Horton Housing flats.

He had a support worker but was not so unwell that he needed to be in secure accommodation, said Mr Hussain.

Probation officer, Andrew Watson said Haughey had been living at Pinder House since his parents had moved into a bungalow. He was struggling to cope with independent living, and spent all his spare money on cannabis. Mr Watson added Haughey had been issued with a notice from the housing association and faced eviction, if his behaviour did not improve.

Haughey was handed a 12 month community order with up to 20 rehabilitation requirement activity days to address his coping skills.

He was also ordered to pay compensation of £150 towards the cost of repairing the damage. No costs or surcharge were ordered.