A MEMBER of a well known Dales farming family has produced a CD of music inspired by the country and people of Upper Wharfedale.

Peter Beresford's ancestors farmed in Langstrothdale from 1795, and many of them were also musicians playing at dances and other events across the Dales.

And while Peter now lives near Masham, he is originally from Halton West, Hellifield, and feels closest to his roots in Upper Wharfedale.

His CD 'Up Wharfedale' has as its cover a picture of his father, Arthur Beresford, in front of the farm near Yockenthwaite in Langstrothdale, were he was born and raised.

All proceeds of the sale of the CD are being donated to Hubberholme Church, near Buckden, where Peter's parents - like generations of Beresfords before them - are buried.

Like many Beresfords, Peter's father not only had a passion for the dale but was also a self-taught musician.

‘Up Wharfedale’ includes four instrumental tracks all written and performed by Peter, who unlike his ancestors, has been tutored in guitar and piano.

While attempting to capture the unique character and spirit of Upper Wharfedale, they explore different styles and genres ranging from traditional folk to classical and even swing jazz.

'Winter in Langstrothdale' is set in the time when Peter's father lived there. It attempts to capture the cold, hard winter months which were interspersed with fun and frivolity at the numerous dances in village halls and pubs.

'Skirfare Meanderings' is a piano piece that aims to capture the River Skirfare on its journey from Foxup through Litton and Arncliffe before it reaches the larger River Wharfe.

'Festival Town' is based on Grassington and is an upbeat swing jazz piece that attempts to capture its many contrasts.

And, 'Wharfedale - Proud Dale, Proud People' is a piano and string piece which paints a picture of the dale and the people who live and work there.

Peter said: “Not only did I set out to write some music which captures the character and spirit of Upper Wharfedale, but I also wanted to support Hubberholme Church which held a special place in the hearts of my mum and dad”.

‘Up Wharfedale’ is available for £10 including post and packaging, from: Jane Way on 01756 761333; jane.way@outlook.com or Avril Harrison at Ghyll End, Beckermonds, Buckden, Skipton BD23 5JL. Cheques should be made out to Hubberholme Church.