SIR - I would like to take the opportunity to reply to comments from Councillor Andy Brown (Craven Herald letters, January 31). He states “You'd expect local politicians to queuing up to defend such a rare local resource.”

I presume he is referring to local councillors.

I can assure Councillor Brown that this local politician, ward member for Hellifield and Long Preston is acting to preserve this area.

I was brought up in Long Preston and have lived here virtually all my life, in my youth I have cycled, more times than I care to remember, between the two villages and to see what is happening to the landscape in between breaks my heart. If things carry on as they are the villages

will be joined together.

I have worked alongside Craven District Council officers, Save our Craven Countryside, CPRE, both parish councils and numerous locals to retain the Flashes as they are. All the land at the Flashes was put forward as local green space for the local plan for Craven.

At the hearing for the above the inspector listened to the case for the inclusion of this land from the barrister for Craven District Council, officers and other interested parties and , of course, the case against from the barrister for the developer to have the land excluded. He then visited the site and went away and due to his findings a modified area has been put forward which includes each of the flashes by Craven District Council. We are now awaiting the outcome.

I am disappointed that the Yorkshire Dales National Park, RSPB, The River Ribble Trust, and others have withdrawn their objections. I walk all the footpaths in the area around Hellifield and Long Preston along with my two dogs. The proposed development will be seen from numerous

places in the National Park, including Newpasture Lane, Long Preston Moors, Langber Lane, in fact it will be more visible than Hellifield itself.

I am aware that tracts of land have been found to accommodate the bird population, are signposts to be erected to direct them to their new home?

I am afraid that it is not just the wildlife will suffer, what about the people of long Preston and especially Hellifield? I can see that the lives of these people will totally be disrupted, for the people of Midland Terrace and Station Road it will be a nightmare.

We have to remember that all the land in question is currently being used for agriculture that in the future, in my opinion, will have to be utilised due to “Brexit” but that is something I don't

want to go into at the moment, we will just have to wait and see.

People need to be aware that not everyone and that could include fellow councillors and people of Hellifield and Long Preston, will be against the proposed development, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I could make more comments but I think I will leave them until I put them to the Planning Committee (of Craven District Council) when the plans come before them in the future. This, of course, is when the plans will either be approved or rejected.

Councillor Chris Moorby (ward member for Hellifield and Long Preston)

Long Preston