FELL rescue volunteers hope an ill equipped couple in their 20s who got lost while walking near Ingleborough will not be put off from future trips to the Dales.

The 26 year old man and 25 year old woman got lost in the approaching darkness while trying to navigate steep crags below Swine Tail, Souther Scales Fell, on Saturday evening, and had to be rescued by the Clapham based Cave Rescue Organisation.

The organisation received a call at 6.42pm and small team of volunteers ,located the couple, who had gone out without a map, torch, compass or winter clothing, thanks to ‘PhoneFind’ - which tracks people through their mobile phones.

The couple were found, and escorted to a team vehicle before being driven back to their car.

A spokesman for the CRO said: “This was the couples first outing in a mountainous area, and although not adequately equipped, it is hoped they will not be deterred from venturing out again, although hopefully after the advice given, they will next time be better prepared.”

The fundraising CRO Ingleborough Challenge is due to take place on Saturday, May 18. Walkers and runners can take part, and are asked to raise at least £25 for the Ingleborough Marathon and £15 for the Clapham circuit. To find out more, visit: cro.org.uk