A DANGEROUS driver spared prison for crashing a stolen car into a South Craven wall is now behind bars after his third breach of a court sentencing order.

Declan Shand was caught drinking outside his home at 9.30pm on Christmas Day after tampering with his electronic curfew equipment, Bradford Crown Court heard.

He told security officials: “Take the tag and the box. I know I’m going to jail. I want to enjoy Christmas.”

Shand, 27,was proved right when he was locked up for nine months by Judge Jonathan Rose at Bradford Crown Court.

He had completed only nine hours of the 150 hours of unpaid work imposed by the court as part of a 12-month community order for dangerous driving and driving without insurance or a licence.

Shand failed to turn up for a breach hearing on January 22 and was arrested and held in custody.

Judge Rose said he had been fortunate to avoid prison for the driving offences and had since enjoyed “a remarkable run of luck” while repeatedly flouting the order.

Shand was originally sentenced in May last year for offences on April 17, 2017.

He was seen by the police driving a stolen Skoda Octavia on Ellers Road, Sutton-in-Craven, and followed into the car park of the Bay Horse pub in the village, the court heard.

Officers tried to block him in but Shand reversed into a marked patrol vehicle, ramming it.

When a police officer approached his vehicle on foot, Shand backed into a wooden post before driving forward.

The officer jumped clear of the Skoda.

He then used his baton to crack the windscreen.

A car chase then ensued, with Shand reaching speeds of up to 70mph on Ellers Road.

The court heard that Shand continued along Tarn Lane and Back Lane.

At one point, he turned his headlights off.

As he attempted the corner on to Chapel Lane, he crashed into a stone wall.

Shand, of North Dean Road, Keighley, was spared a jail sentence after spending more than a year on a qualifying curfew waiting for the case to be dealt with.

His barrister, Abigail Langford, said he had suffered a mental breakdown on Christmas Day.

However, she said there was no medical evidence to show the court.

He had withdrawn his consent to have the electronic tagging equipment fitted at his home, the court heard.

It was Shand’s third breach of the order.