SIR - I was pleased to hear that the decision on the detailed plans for Wyvern Park (Skipton) has been deferred by the planning committee (of Craven District Council) pending clear confirmation of the conditions which were suitably ‘fudged’ in the submission.

We know that houses will be built on Wyvern Park, that is already agreed, and the planning committee are to be congratulated for ensuring that the infrastructure and access plans are clear and agreed before any work begins.

Henry Boot and Bellway have made the following two clear commitments to local residents:

* Building work will not commence in any form until the link road from Skipton by-pass to Wyvern Park has been completed and opened and other onsite roads established. This will allow for the second commitment:

* The access for all construction traffic will be via the new access from the Skipton by-pass to the Wyvern Park site.

This will mean that no construction or associated site traffic will use Carleton Road or any other linked local road and that all vehicles associated with the development will be parked on the Wyvern Park site and not on Carleton Road, any other local road or around Waltonwrays cemetery

Hamer Boot gave those commitments at a meeting with residents in my home and, Bellway confirmed these facts when they held the open meeting to show the Wyvern Park plans at the town hall.

The fact it appears that both Henry Boot and Bellway may have tried to renege on these commitments is not only very disappointing but also alarming.

I sincerely hope that this has only been a misunderstanding, well spotted and managed by the planning committee and that the next submission by the developers will strictly adhere to these and other commitments made.

Tim Forman

Hothfield Terrace