A PSYCHIC known as Gypsy Boy will take people to the ‘other side’ tomorrow at Cross Hills Social Club.

The Psychic Night we feature Micky Vermooch who is the son of true Romanies and worked in spiritualist churches throughout the world for many years.

Micky, who is being brought to Cross Hills on Friday March 1 by North Yorkshire Paranormal Investigations, give his first reading at the age of seven.

He has been to America many times and is said to be the personal psychic several celebrities. He works behind-the-scenes on TV.

Micky said: “I treat everyone I meet exactly the same. I love to help and I'm fortunate to have inherited this gift from my parents.

“I give proof that loved ones who have passed away are still around us today, and that brings comfort to many people.”

Micky is a medium psychic healer, a trance medium, a Reiki master and a teacher, who was born into the spiritual healing way of life.

A spokesman said: “He prides himself on never asking questions but letting the spirits bring the proof, love and comfort that is so much needed by those who seek him out."

Tickets are available in advance from the club at £7 for non-members and £5 for members, and on the door for be £7.50. The event will begin at 7pm.