SIR - People’s disillusionment with politics and politicians is reflected in voter turnout. In council elections turnout is between 30 per cent and 40 per cent and it has been less than 70 per cent in each of the last four general elections. Even the European Union membership referendum attracted a turnout of only 72 per cent.

In his letter (Craven Herald March 7) A J Macaulay proposes a local constituency association to revitalise politics both locally and nationally. Based on a mutually shared belief in the principles of a tolerant and respectful society in which individuals act peacefully and with responsibility, he hopes to bring together a group determined to nurture democratic renewal.

One major cause of voter disillusionment is our electoral system. I recently attended a meeting of an organisation called Make Votes Matter, ( which is a non-party political organisation devoted to instituting proportional representation for elections to Parliament. The aim of this organisation is simple. It is to ensure that the number of votes cast for any party matches the number of seats that they win. In that way everybody’s vote counts. The first past the post system fails to achieve this in spades. In the 2015 general election, amongst a whole host of anomalies, the Scottish National Party polled 4.7 per cent of the popular vote and won 56 seats whilst the Greens won 3.8 per cent for a single seat. I whole heartedly endorse Make Vote Matter’s campaign which I believe would go a long way to restoring public confidence in the political system.

There are a relatively small number of politically active individuals in the UK and this is reflected within the Skipton and Ripon constituency. No matter to which political party these individuals belong, most of them would sign up to the aims and aspirations that Mr Macaulay sets out. I also know they would all welcome with open arms like-minded people. I am obviously biased as to which party people should select but before setting up another I would recommend that readers sample what is currently available and at the same time support the campaign for proportional representation.

Andrew Murday (Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Skipton and Ripon)