A SCHEME to build six new homes on a site originally planned for 21 at Grundy Farm, Carleton has been refused permission - despite a recommendation by planners that it ought to be approved.

There was a strong turnout of residents at Monday’s Planning Committee meeting of Craven District Council which saw councillors go against officer advice and refuse both a fully detailed application for the site and one seeking listed building consent for the partial removal of a boundary wall in Carla Beck Lane.

James Ellis, agent for joint applicants, Nancy Ellison and RN Wooler and Co, said the original outline application for 21 homes had been withdrawn, and replaced with the current application for just six new properties.

He said five of the homes were aimed at families while the one, single storey home could be for older people. They were high quality homes in a low density, sustainable development, he said.

But Sarah Churcher, for Carleton Parish Council, said the parish council and more than 90 residents opposed the plans.

The farm site was at the ‘very heart of the village’ while the overall site took in fields that were outside the development limits of the settlement, she said.

“Your decision here today is about retaining the integrity of our rural village and being brave enough to say no to overdevelopment and destruction of heritage assets that once destroyed, can never be replaced,” she said.

And Angela Dowbiggin, speaking for objectors, said: “We believe this development does not provide us with the homes we need, to attract and retain younger families and couples, who will continue to make our village sustainable.

“We believe that the benefits of building six inappropriate houses do not outweigh the significant harm that would be caused to our village.”

Cllr Robert Heseltine moved refusal of the scheme and said he disagreed with the highways authority - which after undertaking its own assessments raised no objection - and also believed the site flooded. He was also against the loss of the boundary wall.

Cllr Brian Shuttleworth said the proposed site was not part of the ‘emerging’ Craven Local Plan, and although the plan had not yet been adopted, it was very close, and as such should bear weight.

He also believed homes of such size were not needed in Carleton, which actually needed smaller properties.

Councillors refused the application to build five storey houses and one single storey house on grounds that they would be outside the development limits of the village, and partially in the conservation area. Councillors also disputed the observations of the highways authority that the scheme was acceptable. The separate application for listed building consent to remove a section of boundary wall on Carla Beck Lane to enable the development, was refused because of the wall being a prominent part of the village.