THERE’LL be top rock this month in Glusburn as Splash Alley belt out hits on the stage of the village’s arts centre.

There be classic covers from the likes of Bon Jovi, Thin Lizzy, Boston and Whitesnake on Saturday March 30 at Glusburn Institute Community and Arts Centre.

The band claim to be “probably the best live band in England” and their website showcases a history of almost five decades to prove it.

The band’s roots lie with the Dingleberrys Show Group, which changed its name following a line-up change in 1970.

Each musician wrote down three words on slips of paper, and three were chosen at random to make up the name Splash Alley Cabbage.

Wearing green stage suits, the band performed comedy as well as songs by the likes of Beatles and the Four Seasons.

Line-up changes followed, the comedy material was dropped, and as Splash Alley the band focused on 1960s and 1970s music. They went through several name changes including Tush, Z Bends and F Troop before returning to Splash Alley.

One settled line-up played for more than 20 years up to the late 1990s, and in that decade the band decided on a major makeover.

In 2009 Aarren Mowle, who was not even born when Splash Alley started out, became the latest member of the band.

A spokesman said: “A lot of hard work ensued which included many hours working on the sound system and the assembly of a top-quality light show.

“With the arrival of Aarren and the demand from venues to add more material to the set list come the range and style of songs has been expanded.

“More vocal harmony and different musical material from some of the newer bands has now been added to the bands repertoire. They now appeal to a much wider audience whilst still maintaining their quality rock status.”

Splash Alley have provided sound and lighting for many charity concerts, outdoor festivals and famous bands including The Merseybeats and The Tremeloes.