THE ELVES and the Shoemaker will be creating cash for children’s charities in Glusburn this weekend.

The Elizabeth Phillips School of Dance will donate proceeds of their show on Friday and Saturday to various local children’s charities.

Dancers from the Silsden school are making their annual journey to Glusburn Institute Community and Arts Centre to perform their latest show.

Laura Cook and Hannah Lyons will play the Shoemaker and his wife while Rachel Smithies and Eleanor Ackroyd play the elves who help them by making magic dancing shoes.

Also in leading roles are Ella Hancock (Prince), Molly Chapman (Princess) and Elly Benson (poor lady). Senior students will play customers and go along to buy dancing shoes.

Elizabeth promises a dance delight during the April 12 and 13 performances at 7pm.

Elizabeth said: “The second half of the show Here Comes Summer was inspired by our fantastic summer last year and we hope it will be an omen for another great summer this year.

Call 07732 572286 for further information and to book tickets.

The Elves and the Shoemaker was first written in 1806 and tells of a a poor shoemaker who receives much-needed help from young helpful elves.

The original story is the first of three fairy tales contained as entry 39 in the German Grimm’s Fairy Tales under the common title “Die Wichtelmänner”.

In her translation of 1884 Margaret Hunt chose The Elves as title for these three stories.

Various versions of the story focus on a hardworking shoemaker and his wife who need money to pay the rent.

He gives away his last shoes to a needy woman, and has enough leather only to make one more pair of shoes.

The clever elves come in the night to make a lovely pair of shoes which he sells for more than his asking price come using the money to pay the rent, buy food and more shoe leather.