IT’S 1963 and The Beatles are just getting going on their journey to global pop domination - and also hoping for music success were Skipton’s The Fallouts, here pictured before a performance at the Clifford Hall. The photo was submitted by the group’s guitarist and vocalist Barry Hardisty, on the right, who tells us that the other members were, from left, Paul Mooney (bass guitar), Colin Wiggan (guitar, vocals) Billy ‘Atom’ Simpson (drums) and Alan Throup (guitar, vocals). Barry, who still plays regularly with the BD 23 group in Skipton’s Three Links Club, further informs us that the lads had impressed at an audition in Manchester and were offered a tour of Scandinavia - but had to turn it down as four of them were still at school! The Fallouts continued to play dates around the north until they broke up a couple of years later.